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The intent behind the “Other States” page is to have links to groups in other states that are state-wide. I had to change the entry for Arizona. There was a site called Arizona Atheists that was an actual site run by atheists. It is now run by a Christian. Either somebody changed their mind, or someone lost the domain and it now has a new owner.

It is now run by a guy who says he “used to be an atheist”. Whenever a Christian says they used to be an atheist, a red flag goes up in my head. Usually they have opinions about atheists and atheism that I do not have and other atheists I have met do not have.

This may sound like the “No True Scotsman” fallacy, but I think a lot of these “former atheists” were not really atheists. I think they were just undeclared. They never made a stance one way or the other. I think that after they become Christians, they look back and think, “I wasn’t a Christian before, so I must have been an atheist!” Not necessarily.

2023-05-23: At some point, I got rid of the “Other States” page.

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