I will be helping out Latino Atheists

For about a year I have been meeting up with a couple of Latino Atheists that I met through Meetup.com. Latinos are becoming a major demographic in our society, and I thought that I should get to know some Latinos. But I did not want to deal with questions about religion; as far as I know most Latinos are Catholic. So this group seemed like it would be a good fit.

For a long time there was a lot of talk and not a lot of action. But now one of them has started a website: Latino Atheists. There is also a Twitter account: @LatinoAtheists. The admin said he would give me an account and would like me to contribute. I will probably cross-post my content. I tend to not do a lot on Sundays for some reason, so I have not gotten back to the admin.

But first let’s get one thing clear right now:

It’s Jaime (HIGH-may, with the “I” before the “M”) if they are Hispanic, Jamie (JAY-mee, with the “I” after the “M”) if they are not.

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