Cramer RSS Typo for 2011-07-25 and Debt Ceiling

Originally posted 2011-07-25 22:22:13

I am still trying to decide what to do about the debt ceiling debate. I had my brokerage account set up to automatically re-invest my dividends into the stock. I have changed that for some of my stocks to go to cash. I have not set any stops. The market did not go down as badly as I thought it would.

Also: There is a typo in the RSS feed entry for tonight’s episode of Mad Money:

The Dow clawed its way back from steep, triple-digit losses earlier today but lost steam once again before the close.  Find out if the narket is at debt’s door.  Plus, after reporting a better than expected quarter and raising guidance, could ETN help your portfolio surge?  Jim gets answers from its CEO.  And, flea market find?  Find out which comapny could have hidden value.  Jim reveals his surprising discovery in tonight’s Under The Radar.

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