Update May 9, 2011

Originally posted on 2011-05-10 03:31:33

My plan was to post a couple of times a week. Over the past few days I have been busy with my job, and studying some new software technologies to improve my marketability.

I have also been contacting people I know in Texas on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as getting on some mailing lists to make more connections in Texas. I have been there once, and I have been reading about it. I want to get some more contacts in Texas before I decide if I want to take the plunge.

Plus I plan on posting more. I figure if I can get a good site going, maybe some info about Texas will come to me. We will see what happens. I will also try to get some images on my posts. I heard on a podcast that is a good way to get traffic. At some point I will post my pictures from my trip to Texas. I plan on going sometime in the summer, and I will probably take pictures then. I may also take some pictures from Wikipedia.

Image from Wikipedia.

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