Update On Latino Atheists

There was another meeting of Latino Atheists in Oak Park this weekend. There was still a lot of talk, but I think we are moving closer to some action. It was the usual crowd with one special guest.

Mrs Sanchez laid down the law. She basically busted our balls and told us to stop talking and start doing something. I like it when a woman takes charge. (Unless they tell me to get lost.)

In all seriousness, I think we are moving closer to getting things moving. We will probably have meetings in a different space, and we might start recording our meetings, and put them online either on YouTube or as a podcast. We talked about doing other activities, more charitable, like blood drives, relationship advice, computer advice, English lessons.

Also: I will be in Dallas for three months. If there are any Latino Atheists in the Metroplex, contact me.

Image from Latino Atheists Twitter profile

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