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There is a lot of buzz about whether or not Rick Perry (aka Governor Goodhair) will run for the Republican nomination for president. He sounds like a reason NOT to move to Texas. Granted, there are nutcases everywhere, but this guy is doubling down on the stupid.

There have been a few posts about him on The Immoral Minority, Dispatches From the Culture Wars and the Texas Freedom Network. I have also read articles elsewhere in which he goes on and on and on about how Texas is “open for business”. (A note to Governor Goodhair: I notice the “Wide Open For Business” website does not mention religion; so why are you pushing religion so much?)

Rick Perry thinks that Texas is doing well because it is good for business. (Why is it that things that are good for business are usually bad for people and bad for the environment?) He thinks that Texas is proof that conservatism works. I think that Governor Goodhair might want to stop and think about that. I think that Texas is partially getting by on its size. I also think that climate has something to do with it. If conservative policies alone are the answer to the world’s problems, then why aren’t people moving to Mississippi or South Carolina? Why do those two states have higher unemployment rates than Illinois?

When I went down to Texas last year, I saw my roommate from University of Illinois in Dallas. I also saw another friend from UIUC in Austin. She said there are a lot of UIUC people in Austin. Instead of bad-mouthing other states, perhaps Governor Goodhair should thank other states for providing Texas with healthy, well-educated workers. It’s not like Texas will be producing a well-educated workforce.

A commenter on The Immoral Minority in Texas said that a lot of the economic growth in Texas is largely due to construction on military bases and along the border with Mexico. I would love to move all the military bases in red states into blue states. Then let’s see all these conservatives grow their economies without all those pesky federal dollars.

Would this guy make a good president? I think not. He cannot grasp the concept that Christians do not have rights in this country that everybody else does not. This is a guy who talked openly about seceding from the USA. As Bill Maher said, can someone be president of the United States if he does not support the concept of the United States? He bad-mouths the federal government, yet used the stimulus to balance his budget. I noticed that articles talking about Texas having a huge deficit only started showing up after the 2010 election. What a coincidence. Plus, as I said, the workers are coming to Texas from other states. If he is president, where will the new workers come from?

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This post got one of the few comments that I got on the “Going To Texas” blog:

Jen Peeples says:

I saw your comment at tfninsider and followed your link. Your previous post about Texas Freedom Network is closed to comments, so I hope it’s okay that I’m posting this here. There are lots of sane Texans in the Austin area, so if you’re thinking of relocating here, you’ll be in good company.

Jen Peeples

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