Powell, Founding Fathers, and The Real Problem

There was an article on Politics USA  in which Colin Powell says that the Founding Fathers would probably not be happy with the Tea Party. The Founding Fathers were willing to compromise, yet the Tea Baggers think that not compromising is a virtue. And they are causing a lot of our problems.

I agree with the comments more than Powell. Powell makes reference to the “extreme left”. To which we all say: What extreme left? The Democrats keep giving, and getting nothing in return. I do agree with the idea from the article that “The tea party has adopted the symbols and images of the Revolution, but in behavior they mirror the Confederates.”

At the beginning of the year, the consensus for the economy is that things were going to be okay: There would be just enough growth to slowly chip away at unemployment, we would probably putter along okay for a while, but the next recession was probably a long way down the pike. There was a hiccup with the tsunami in Japan  in March, but by mid-April the “not-quite-Goldilocks but still okay for now” consensus came back. But ever since the debt ceiling crisis  in July, things have been a lot more fragile. And it was the Rethuglicans who refused to budge.

I get tired of people saying that our government is dysfunctional and can’t get anything done. That is BS. There is one party that refuses to get anything done. Let’s stop talking about “balance”, “fairness” and “both sides are the problem”. Mitch McConnell has stated that his goal is to make Obama a one-term president. A good way to lose an election is to be in office when the economy is bad. But should people lose jobs and houses just so one party can take back power?

I think a lot of people in this country see themselves as Republicans first and Americans second. Or they choose to define “American” to exclude anyone that they do not like. Both concepts are flat-out false.

My question for conservatives is: You talk about freedom. Freedom for whom to do what?

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