Microsoft Nicknames

Being an open-source user, I am not too thrilled with Microsoft, or our society’s dependence on their software. At some point I started coming up with nicknames for Microsoft products.

  • Word: Curse, Turd
  • Excel: Excrete, Degrade
  • Visio: Visceral, “Visio? What the dilly, yo?”
  • PowerPoint: PowerTrip, SourPoint
  • Microsoft: MicroSoviet
  • Visual C++: Visual Handcu++s
  • C#: C Schmuck, C Slop, C Stiffed, C Stuck, C Suck, C Stupid (has there ever been a dumber name for a programming language?)
  • SharePoint: SchmuckPoint, SharePiss, SharePit, SharePuke, SharePutz, SharePunk, Sh*tPoint, SludgePoint, SnarePoint, StiffPoint, StinkPoint, StuckPoint, SuckPoint

Collect all ten and get your Secret Indemnification Decoder Ring

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