Notes on 3G Mindset

I will go over the book Put Your Mindset To Work in more detail later. I will get it from the library again. I renewed it, and I want to finally get to it before I have to take it back.

In one of the early chapters they reference research that the mind can be changed, that we are not simply fated to be one way our entire lives. The reference work by Carol Dweck about the growth mindset versus the fixed mindset.

The one G I am concerned with is Grit. They break it down into an acronym: growth, resilience, intensity and tenacity. I think this is the “G” that I need the most work on. The “growth” in Grit is the growth mindset that Carol Dweck wrote about.

There is a chapter on each “G” with questions and exercises to help you strengthen that “G”.

Growth has the characteristics of learning, improving, evolving, striving, being engaged and driven. The characteristics for Resilience are resilient, risk taker, accountable, brave, courageous, and optimistic. The characteristics for Intensity are committed, focused, disciplined, passionate, purposeful and energetic. The characteristics for Tenacity are tenacious, persistent, relentless, assertive, determined and resolute.

Microchallenge for Grit:
1: Growth: on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you really crave and seek ways to grow and improve, or do you really bank off what you already know?
2: Resilience: on a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you stack up against the most resilient people around, those who truly and consistently shine in the toughest moments?
3: Intensity: on a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you maintain full energy and focus on the task at hand, or do you become distracteed by other factors?
4: Tenacity: on a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you relentlessly stick to your goals, no matter how difficult they become?

Growth builder: Microchallenge for growth: What can I do to improve today? What did I do to improve?

A resilience builder is the set of CORE questions.
Control: What facets of the situation can I/you/we potentially influence?
Ownership: how can I/you/we step up to make the most immediate, positive difference?
Reach: What can I/you/we do to minimize the potential downside? Maximize the potential upside?
Endurance: What can I/you/we do to get past this as quickly as possible?
They say you have to ask them with that exact wording.

For intensity, one of the microchallenges is to focus on one thing without any distractions. No internet, texting, etc.
Intensity Builders:
1. Nail the details. Look for small details in something.
2. Do the 3G Scan. Assess someone’s 3G’s when you talk with someone.
3. Create the Cone of Silence. Try to concentrate on something in a less than quiet place. Let the noise and distractions gradually increase.

Tenacity Builder: The Tenacious Why
When you feel like giving up, ask yourself: What is the most compelling reason I would pursue this? What is the grander WHY? Repeat the question “Yes, but why?” until you get to the most compelling, definite reason, the one that galvanizes you. Do this for any exhausting effort you put into anything.

Tenacity Builder: Brain Jolter
When faced with an impossibility, ask yourself:
If this were possible, how would I/you/we do it.

They also have a Twitter account.

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