Thoughts On the Election

If you are one of the few people besides me who visits this site, you may have gathered I am not too enamored with the Rethuglican Party. And this year has been quite a spectacle.

The party filled with people who think that this is a Christian nation, that the President should be Christian, and that Mormons are not Christian, nominates **drumroll** the Mormon.

They think the private sector never corrupts the public sector, and they nominate a man who is perhaps the wealthiest candidate ever. And they also had a candidate (Gingrich) whose candidate was kept alive for a long time solely by the money of one wealthy backer (Sheldon Adelson).

They say they hate the Affordable Care Act, so they nominate a man who signature achievement as governor of one of the most liberal states was a policy that is very similar to the ACA.

I think that Obama is going to win. Perhaps in a landslide. Ever since about 1980, it looks like the party that wins is the party that votes for their guy because they like their guy, and the party that loses is the party that votes for their guy because they don’t like the other guy. (The exception was 1988, in which I think neither party was crazy about their guy.)

On top of that, this race has an interesting commonality with the last race: The Rescumlicans love their more conservative vice presidential candidate a LOT more than they love their presidential candidate. That did not work out too well the last time. I don’t think the “elect the main guy and wait for 4 years/8 years/sooner-if-he-dies so the guy we REALLY like can be president” plan will ever be a winner.

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