Let’s Raise Expectations For Republicans

I am starting to see a trend of articles (which usually reference OTHER articles) saying that Rethuglicans are trying to lower the expectations for Romney in the upcoming debates (see here and here for a couple of recent examples). This is the fourth presidential election that we have seen this happen. Rethuglicans tell us that the Democrat has to be articulate, logical and coherent, but as long as their candidate does not drool or soil themselves like an infant, then they are clearly the winner.

The did it with George W Bust, they did it with Sarah Failin’, and now they are doing it with Romney. We need to start pushing back against the low expectations and double standards. The expectations should be equal. If Republicans keep choosing stupid candidates, too bad.

But now they do have someone who is not a lazy idiot. So I don’t think the “Our people aren’t as smart so let’s grade on a steep curve” will hold any water. (Not that it ever should.)

I think that if there is going to be a double standard, then the expectations for Romney should be far higher than they are for Obama. First off, Romney is more educated than Obama. Secondly, Romney has had plenty of time to prepare. He has been preparing for a campaign or running a campaign since the last election. He has spent the past four years running for president, and he has known since November 4, 2008 who his ultimate opponent would be. He has had a lot more control over his schedule than Obama; no 3 AM calls for Mr Romney, unless the third-shift cleaning crew got stuck in the car elevator in La Jolla or something.

I hope someone at the debates asks him why health care reform is good for Massachusetts, but bad for the other 49 states. If he can answer THAT without drooling and soiling himself, then maybe I will be impressed.

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