Thoughts On Job Creators

We have been hearing a lot about “job creators” during this campaign season.

The great site God’s Own Party points out that the Republican Party pushes policies that help the super-rich and hurt everybody else. The post also quotes an article by former Michigan Jennifer Granholm that points out that employment and wages are higher under Democratic administrations than under Republican administrations. She cited Bloomberg data. If a company founded by a billionaire says Democratic policies are better, good luck tying yourself in knots trying to say that it’s biased.

On one segment on his show, Bill Maher thought it odd that we have to walk on eggshells for the “job creators”, like they are rare birds who might fly away at the slightest disturbance. (Here is another video in which he talks about the “job creators” meme.) He does touch on the “uncertainty” BS. We are told that the “job creators” don’t want to invest due to the “uncertainty”. Doesn’t Warren Buffett, the guy business people all say they admire, always say that you should be greedy when others are fearful? And of course, when people express resentment against rich people, rich people say they made money because they took risks. Yet with a Democratic president, they are suddenly afraid to take risks, afraid to do the things they say made them successful.

Despite the uncertainty, they have no problem spending millions supporting Republican candidates and PACs, in some cases tens of millions of dollars from individuals (see articles here, here and here). Even though they have a lot of money, how smart are these people? They have all done well during the Obama administration, yet they are still whining.

Why are they willing to spend millions on a candidate who probably won’t win, yet they won’t hire due to uncertainty? It is not a certainty that Romney will win. Instead of tens of millions to PACs, how many businesses could they have started with that money? How many people could they have hired?

We have people who like to think they know something about business who have spent the past four years complaining, and refusing to make money, refusing to start businesses. Why should anyone take them seriously?

Update 2012-12-17_00.04.15:
Here are a few links I had in my notes for this article: Articles here, here, here, here and here.


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