Notes From My Planner

I got a few planners made by At-A-Glance. They have some interesting notes and lists in them. I liked them, so I will put them here.

Highly Motivated People:

  • Have extraordinary purpose
  • Are willing to take risks
  • Participate fully in life
  • Are energetic
  • Are humble
  • Are committed to life-long learning
  • Possess an attitude of success
  • Are persistent – with options
  • Strive for health in all aspects of their lives
  • Rise above adversity

Note-taking Principles:

  • Record only worthwhile facts
  • User your words or speaker’s words – whichever is easiest
  • Write in phrases, as short as possible
  • Listen for introductory remarks
  • Listen for pointer-words, especially numbers
  • Skip examples unless needed to understand idea
  • Use every possible abbreviation
  • Leave blank space if you miss something; ask later
  • Write down formulas, dates, graphs, drawings
  • Put your comments in brackets


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