Stop Saying Both Sides Need To Rise Above

On Mad Money, Cramer keeps mentioning CNBC’s “Rise Above” movement. They are saying that politicians need to “rise above” partisanship and put country before party to deal with the fiscal cliff. They seem to be doing the Fox News “both sides do it” nonsense. Have these guys forgotten the debt ceiling debacle last year? We don’t need to tell all politicians to rise above. We need to tell Rescumlicans, Tea Baggers and god-nuts to shut up. The fiscal cliff is the result of last year’s debt ceiling crisis.

When GW Bust was president, and Rethuglicans held Congress, Rethuglicans just rubber-stamped the debt ceiling. We get a Democratic president, and so-called conservatives pull a Casablanca: They are shocked, shocked I tell you, at how much the government spends. If the Rescumlicans just went along last year like they always do, or Tea Baggers actually insist on fiscal discipline for presidents of BOTH parties, we would not have the fiscal cliff. So let’s stop talking about “both parties” being the problem. It’s the people with the “R” after their name. The people who kept saying the polls were skewed right up until the votes were counted.

Last night he had the CEO of Honeywell on. Honeywell is a stock I am looking at. But I wish Cramer asked him a few more tough questions. The CEO said there must be entitlement reform. That’s a code for “pull the plug”. He did not say anything about cutting military spending. Do we really need to spend as much on defense as the rest of the world put together? They have a site called Mission Ready and defense is one of their business units. Cramer says we will all have to sacrifice. Why didn’t he ask the CEO of Honeywell to sacrifice?

You will know that Rethuglicans are serious about balancing the budget when they propose serious cuts in defense spending. Sure, we need to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. But defense is a big, big part of the budget as well. Why should other people cut the spending that they like if you do not cut the spending that you like?

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