The Petraeus Scandal Has Arms

Much has been written about the Petraeus scandal.

Much will be revealed.

Much will be revealed more than it already has. Like the fact that Petraeus is a Dominionist.  Many in the military think that his reputation was inflated, that he was better at PR than waging wars. He trumpeted the surge, and said little about paying off Sunni warlords. Remember the MoveOn brouhaha? Perhaps now people will look at it differently.

Many things are mysteries. Who are these twins that have driven a general and an FBI agent batty? Is Paula Broadwell the incarnation of a James Bond femme fatale? Is Holly Petraeus really Holly Petraeus, or Phil Hartman in the Witness Protection Program?

So much for “Duty, Honor, Country.” A lot of conservatives think if you just repeat some ideal that means you are living it. I heard that slogan (DHC) all the time growing up. It did not prevent my dad from treating my mom like crap. I never bought into the military worship we see today.

But let’s take another look at Paula Broadwell. A lot of people have commented on her arms. Yowza. What amazing arms she has. The whole body is amazing. People have also commented on Michelle Obama’s arms.

Paula Broadwell is a triathelete. I don’t know if that was enough to get her arms that way, or if she did some weight training as well.

I think that arms are a good measure of a woman’s fitness. Nobody ever compliments obese women on their arms. And there are a lot of fit women who do not have great arms. Jill Biden runs, but does not get compliments for her arms. I just did a bit of Googling, and her arms look good, but not as striking as Michelle Obama’s or Paula Broadwell’s.

A lot of men will work on their arms to the exclusion of everything else. You still see guys who have large arms, and legs that could be used to mix drinks. Any boxer or martial artist will tell you that big arms are nice, but to generate real power you need to use your legs.

Women, on the other hand, seem to leave the arms for last. Which in a way might be better than doing arms first. I think that if a woman has great looking arms, that is a sign that she is really really fit.

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