Saudi Arabia in a Suit: Ambient Echo 001

Here is the first post in the “Ambient Echo” category.

First off, there was an interview with the CEO of GM. He said that both parties need to come together and solve our fiscal issues. This is more of the “both sides are to blame” nonsense. Rethuglicans never seem to have a problem with spending when we have a Rethuglican president. I wrote about this in Stop Saying Both Sides Need To Rise Above, The Prospect Agrees With Me and Powell, Founding Fathers, and The Real Problem.

Juanita Jean, who runs The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc., pointed to an article with yet another glibertarian Rescumlican saying we need to stop taxing and “punishing” the “job creators”. I wrote about this in Dividends and Taxes. That post also points out that a lot of the economic predictions of conservatives never come true, which Paul Krugman wrote about here. That post also pointed out that investors in stocks that have been raising dividends for decades should not be too concerned with taxes rates going up, especially if they go up to the rates of the 1990s, which were pretty good. This post and this post also touch that point.

And the piece that inspired me to write the first post for this category:¬†S.C. GOP Chair: Republicans ‘Aren’t Very Good At Our Message’. It is more of the “we just need to explain our message better” nonsense from Rethuglicans. I wrote about this on Thoughts On The Election. We got your message. It’s not opportunity. It’s not community. It’s not freedom. Especially not freedom of religion. It’s corporate fascism and feudal theocracy. It’s Saudi Arabia in a suit. It’s tax cuts for wealthy, repentant rapists, and scorn for everybody else.

Proof this guy doesn’t get it: “We didn’t reach our base. I’m from the evangelical community and I don’t think we did a good job of reaching out to the evangelical community at all.” Most people who call themselves evangelicals are not evangelicals. They are pathological fundamentalists. This country is getting more secular. But go ahead. Keep pressing the same button. See what good it will do you. If you reach out to fundamentalists, you can’t reach out to anybody else because¬†fundamentalists hate everybody else.

But then again, that is how Rethuglicans think: If Plan A does not work, keep trying Plan A.


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