A Few Thoughts On Dividend Kings

I have been thinking a lot about my stock portfolio. As I stated before, I started out buying $1000 worth of shares of stocks. I quickly dropped that, and went for 50 shares of each stock, although I still have less than 50 of some of them. I am now starting to go for 100 shares of each stock, as well as getting a few more stocks. The market has been going up a lot lately, so I might wait a few more months. For a long time the best time to buy stocks for the long term was between May and October. That pattern was disrupted during the Great Recession, but I think we are getting back to it again.

I found this site called Buy Upside with some great tables on it. One is the Dividend Map: Dividend Aristocrats Annualized Dividend Growth Rates and Dividend Yields  You can find Dividend Aristocrats that have decent yields and fairly high yield growth. A few that look good to me are KMB, PG, BMS, ADP, APD, CLX, COP

There is also a concept called the Dividend Kings. It is the group of stocks that have been increasing their dividend for at least 50 years. This list seems more colloquial than the Achievers, Aristocrats or Champions. There does not seem to be one person or group that keeps track of this list. Granted, that might be unnecessary, since there are not that many stocks that meet the criteria.

There is a site called Dividend Kings, but it seems like a general investing blog. I have only glanced at it, but some of the posts mention companies that I do not see on other dividend sites. Plus it is not updated too often.

One site that has listed the Kings is Dividend Growth Investor.
Here are the stocks on the list that I have: AWR, DOV, NWN, EMR, PG, MMM, VVC, KO, JNJ, LOW
Here are the stocks on the list that I do not have: GPC, PH (low yield)
In a couple of years, there will be a couple of more socks added, both of which I own: CL, ITW

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