More Burrito Monday tweets


Hi #Everybody I am back!

I am in control of my chugging destiny #VanillaCoke

I will chug when I want to – #VanillaCoke

I demand Chugging Freedom – no more Chug Tyranny – more Vanilla Coke Zero!! #DietCoke #ChugFreedom

When will @DavidVitter do the right thing and resign?

@BurritoSunday Now we need to get @BurritoTuesday to join the Twitter Burrito Chain #winning

I am tired today – I hope I can make if through @BurritoTuesday

“We won, because winners win.” Truer words never spoken.

The #burrito: Just as pleasurable on the way out as they are on the way in #TMI

Trying to have @BurritoTuesday on a Monday is like mixing matter and anti-matter: You can do it, but don’t cry to me if it goes badly

Big Tony is back and ready for #lunch

I survived the #blizzard – I will consume burritos another day

Despite the snow, #Burrito Tuesday is still going to happen here in Chicago. I’m stronger than that #fistpump

Just used to put my Twitter followers on my Twitter background. Check it out!

Looking forward to getting a #Burrito with Darth Vader

Only Vader triggers the bot

I must fight the Sith Lords with the Force

I want to be a Jedi like my father

I want to be Darth Vader

Yes! I was mentioned by @Yoda_Bot – now I am a Jedi

Giving a #ShoutOut to Darth Vader to trigger @Yoda_bot

We got ice cold #Coke in our fridge; Get them while they are cold!! Goin’ fast

Stop throwing the #football and get to work!!!!!

Feeling sick in the cold weather? Try some #burrito #soup – just like #mom used to make

The solution to partisanship: Give people who watch Fox Noise a @NetFlix account

Ready for more #burrtio happiness in 2011









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