A Few More Good Quotes

Here are a few more good quotes from around the web.

This is from The Immoral Minority: A convenient thing about their religion is that it always seems to give them someone to blame if their god has abandoned them – the gays, the atheists, etc. They don’t believe in that science stuff, that would raise too many questions about what they believe. Nah! Blame the homosexuals and unbelievers instead. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It is amazing to think about how much of the dogma of these religions is devoted to keeping the gravy train going for those in charge of them.

Here is one from the Economix blog on the New York Times: It seems as if the only people that matter in this country are corporations. They get to break the laws on environmental and workplace safety, treat employees like widgets, and pay virtually no taxes. And then they complain about the poor state of education, bad infrastructure, disloyal and lazy employees as if they had nothing to with these things. It must be nice to live in Wonderland all the time.



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