Star Trek Time Spans

I read an article that Cleopatra (died 30 BC) lived closer in time to the present day than the Great Pyramid of Giza (built around 2500 BC).

I had a similar realization that made me feel kind of old.

The last episode of Star Trek: The Original Series was broadcast was broadcast in 1969. The last movie with the original series cast came out in 1991.

So as much time has passed between Turnabout Intruder and The Undiscovered Country (22 years) as has passed from The Undiscovered Country until the present day (22 years), the year of Star Trek Into Darkness.

I saw Into Darkness in the theaters recently. It was pretty good.

And yes, I know if you take months into account (as opposed to just going by the year as I did), the time spans are not quite equal. But it will be true pretty soon.

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