What To Do With Deere

I posted recently that I bought some shares of Deere. Before that, I posted that I sold Intel because they had not raised their dividend in a few years.

I have some Google News Alerts set up for dividend announcements for all the stocks I own and most of the stocks that I follow. I got behind and found out that Deere missed a dividend raise. Their dividend has been at 51 cents for five quarters now. They announced their dividend a few days before I bought. If I had stayed on top of things I would have caught it.

When I sold Intel I pointed out that I think the way to make money is to have a plan and stick with it. Now I am agonizing over whether or not I should sell a stock that I just bought. If I sell now I will still make a profit. I think I read somewhere that if you do not know what to do, then you should sell half. But sometimes I think that is worse because it gives me a third choice.

Image from John Deere web site, assumed allowed under Fair Use

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