2015-09 Dividend Income Report

Here is the dividend income report for September, 2015.

The monthly dividend income came out to $659.59. The yearly income total for 2015 through the end of the month was $3744.49. Right now I am a few months ahead of where I was in 2014.

The income for September, 2014 was $536.75, and the yearly income for 2014 through the end of September was $2993.02.

I sold ConocoPhillips. They seemed like the weakest major oil company out of the three that I own. I later noticed that ConocoPhillips increased their dividend this year, while Chevron did not. However, Chevron’s payout ratio is still below 100%, while ConocoPhillips’ is above 100%. We shall see what will happen.

I am still in the process of adding stocks to my taxable account. Hopefully it will be enough to make up for the loss of income from ConocoPhillips.

So far I am mostly replacing stocks that are in my IRA accounts. But this will allow me to buy more shares of the stocks I own. I also might buy shares in my IRA accounts that are too big for my taxable account. It would take $17,000 to buy enough Honeywell in order for the dividend payment to buy an entire share. That is more than I want to spend in my taxable account right now. But I am willing to either spend that much in my IRA or only get enough shares so the dividends buy half a share.

Here is a table with the year-to-date amounts, the monthly amounts, and the three- and twelve-month moving averages for each September from 2011 through 2015:

Month YTD Amount 3MMA 12MMA
2015-09 $3744.49 $659.59 $443.06 $432.46
2014-09 $2993.02 $536.75 $353.04 $335.39
2013-09 $2374.05 $395.65 $293.78 $294.44
2012-09 $2425.78 $315.21 $283.66 $283.00
2011-09 $2121.78 $243.26 $256.81 $233.01


Here are the stocks and the income amounts for September, 2015:

  • AFLAC Inc: $41.46
  • American States Water Co: $25.05
  • Black Hills Corp: $14.56
  • Bemis Co Inc: $28.82
  • ConocoPhillips: $81.99
  • Vectren Corp: $22.26
  • Johnson & Johnson: $49.01
  • Archer-Daniels-Midland Co: $32.44
  • Chevron: $25.19
  • Emerson Electric Co: $25.97
  • Sonoco Products Co: $23.98
  • Exxon Mobil Corp: $82.41
  • Walgreen Co: $20.78
  • 3M Co: $13.82
  • Questar Corp: $11.88
  • Connecticut Water Service Inc.: $37.46
  • Dover Corp: $9.69
  • Consolidated Edison Inc: $20.08
  • Kellogg Company: $51.91
  • Valspar Corp: $17.65
  • RLI Corp: $23.18


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