2015-12 Dividend Income Report

Here is the dividend income report for December, 2015.

The monthly dividend income came out to $954.52. The yearly income total for 2015 through the end of the month was $5472.07. Right now I am a few months ahead of where I was in 2014.

The income for December, 2014 was $909.86, and the yearly income for 2014 through the end of December was $4438.02.

December income is always higher that the other months because RLI pays a special dividend every December, in addition to their regular dividend. The regular RLI dividend this year was $0.19/share, while the special dividend was $2.00/share.

I started using GnuCash to track my money in 2003, back when I was working for a TBTF bank. I saved some of my money in the 401K, and put most of it into index funds. My best year for dividend income was 2007, when I got $6575.54. In 2008, I got $5420.86. So I have finally beat what was my second best year. I do have to admit that I thought dividend growth investing would give better results than I have gotten. I guess compound growth just takes a while to take off.

The income was up this year for a few reasons. One is that many of these companies have increased their dividends. Another is that I bought more shares in companies that I already have shares in: JNJ, ADM and ETN. I also bought HON, but after their December payout. I also started a taxable account and bought shares in CTWS and SJW. I had planned on buying individual stocks in that account, but I have changed my mind and instead I will buy ETFs in that account. A few of the companies I did have in that accound were companies that were in my IRA. For KO and VZ, I got dividends from both the IRA and the taxable accounts.

I did sell COP due to what is going on in the oil industry. I sometimes wonder if I should have sold CVX instead. COP has raised its dividend but lost money, while CVX has broken its 28 year streak but still made a profit.

I have not decided if I should keep shares in a company that holds its dividend steady. Just about all dividend growth investors agree that a company should be sold if it cuts its dividend. There is still no real consensus about what to do with a company that holds it steady for a few years. I sold INTC when it stopped raising its dividend. Now that it is rasing the dividend again, I might get back in, even though INTC has not gotten back to a 5-year streak.

There is a saying on Wall Street: Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs and sheep get slaughtered. I guess this means you have to follow the advice of George Foreman: Plan your work, and work your plan. I have to admit I am still working out what my rules are. Is my minimum time for dividend raises 5 years? 10 years? Do I keep a company if its PE gets too high? If so, how high?

The PE one might be kind of tricky. Based on comments from people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gross, I think that higher PEs in a time of low interest rates is not necessarily a bad sign.

Here is a table with the year-to-date amounts, the monthly amounts, and the three- and twelve-month moving averages for each December from 2011 through 2015:

Month YTD Amount 3MMA 12MMA
2015-12 $5472.07 $954.52 $575.86 $456.01
2014-12 $4438.02 $909.86 $481.67 $369.80
2013-12 $3406.20 $594.59 $344.05 $283.85
2012-12 $3585.01 $686.10 $386.41 $298.75
2011-12 $3091.99 $514.94 $323.40 $253.92


Here are the stocks and the income amounts for December, 2015:

  • AFLAC Inc: $43.88
  • American States Water Co: $25.20
  • Black Hills Corp: $14.71
  • Bemis Co Inc: $29.00
  • SJW Corp.: $31.20
  • Vectren Corp: $23.64
  • Johnson & Johnson: $75.66
  • Archer-Daniels-Midland Co: $32.65
  • Chevron: $25.54
  • Emerson Electric Co: $26.51
  • Sonoco Products Co: $45.50
  • Exxon Mobil Corp: $83.24
  • Walgreen Co: $20.87
  • 3M Co: $13.92
  • Questar Corp: $12.01
  • Connecticut Water Service Inc.: $37.74
  • Dover Corp: $9.76
  • Consolidated Edison Inc: $20.29
  • Kellogg Company: $52.30
  • Coca-Cola Co: $43.26
  • Valspar Corp: $19.49
  • RLI Corp: $23.26
  • RLI Corp: $244.89


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