More Titles

Here are a few more titles.

Sometimes People Just Die

I have been getting into post-rock. I listen to a YouTube channel at work with a lot of post-rock, and some of the songs have interesting titles. One band that I like is Collapse Under The Empire.

Penobscot Washer Girl

Whenever someone claims they are part Native American, they always say one of their ancestors was a “Cherokee Princess.” Never another tribe. Never a male ancestor. And never a commoner.

Maybe some people are just dumb. I guess some people think, “I’m white, I have dark hair, I must be part Native American! Therefore, Cherokee Princess!” Granted, some families have been here a while. Maybe some people are part Native American. But why is it always a Cherokee princess?

And for the record, lots of white people have dark hair.

Transparent Codpiece

I am not naked, m’lady, I am wearing a transparent codpiece.

I have no idea how this occurred to me.

Lady Playing the Veena by  Raja_Ravi_Varma (29 April 1848 – 2 October 1906), assumed allowed under Fair Use.

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