2018-05-16 Blog Title

Today’s title is: Emotional Support Goat.

Someone at work said that a few airlines are no longer allowing people to bring bugs, spiders, snakes or birds onto planes as “emotional support animals”. I know there are people with actual disabilities, but I think a lot people out there are taking advantage of the rules. If your dog barks, or your animal goes wandering around, then you are just a jerk trying to take advantage of the rules. And ruining things for people who really do need animals.

I once saw a guy bring a dog into the grocery store. What is wrong with people that they think everybody has to roll over for them? (See what I did there?)

Plus, my mom is allergic to most dogs. Why should she have to put up with a dog because you are too weak-minded to travel without Fee-fee? Some people have very bad allergic reactions. Don’t they have rights too? Amazingly, ten or so years ago people were able to fly without needing Mr Fluffygums to keep them safe.

I think I need to bring along Helga, my emotional support Swedish contortionist and supermodel. She helps me feel good.

Someone at work thought that “Emotional Support Goat” would be a good band name. Someone else thought it would be a good DJ name, but I think “DJ Goat” is enough.

Big Jim likes the Swedish ladies.

“A Pastoral Idyll” by Louis Léopold Robert  (13 May 1794 – 20 March 1835), assumed allowed under Fair Use.

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