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Even though the URLs do not work, I will include them anyway.

Im the kind of girl that u can take home to ur mom.
[She is looking for a man who] has a car…has a job…no assistance from the government unless u r a veteran. I work hard for what i have so should u.

Why don’t you work towards learning better English? If that is how you type and/or speak, actually, no, you are NOT the kind of woman I would take to meet my mother.

I am looking for someone who can also be active and be supportive with my choices in life. For me I am a single mom work my butt off to make a living.

If you are a single mom, maybe you need to face the fact that you make poor choices.

Hey there. Im an AA BBW 46 looking for something worth talking about. Funny witty and charming would be great with an abundance of common sense, taller than 5’10. Slim to athletic, as two fat people Don’t mix.

It’s interesting how many fat people want a fit person, yet so few fit people want a fat person.

So here’s the problem. I’m attached to more fit and generally attractive men. I was raised around good looking people both male and female but I am a bit on the round side. It’s a huge challenge to find a guy who is into gals who are a bit thicker!

You could try exercising. And eating less. Or you could just wait for a unicorn to fall from the sky. Also, I think you meant “attracted” when you wrote “attached”. If you were attached to a fit guy, you wouldn’t need to place an ad.

I’m a medium BBW/curvy and I love my fluff.
Now it’s your turn! Please be intelligent/witty/sarcastic! Employed (white collar? YESSSS)! Caucasian (just my personal preference). I love tall and thin to athletic men. Yes, fat girls are allowed to be picky too 😉

Yes, you’re allowed to be picky. But fit people are not obligated to find fat people attractive. And I am allowed to say you’re an idiot.

URL not recorded

I am a thick girl (size 16) and I wear it well.

Fit women never say they “wear it well” or “carry it well”, or they are “fit in the right places”. Or “goddess”. Fit women never seem to call themselves goddesses. Or call themselves a “real woman.” It seems like a woman only calls herself or another woman a “real woman” when they are fat. Women never seem to point to a women who runs marathons and says, “Now there is a real woman.”

If you are thick or curvy, or whatever you want to call it, fit guys are not going to care that you “wear it well”. You just have too much of “it” in general.

I prefer rugged lumberjack type, tall muscular and bearded. Needs to have a good job and be faithful….I’m a cute Caucasian woman, early 30s, std free, blonde/blue, fair skin, thick & curvy but HWP. 34D and bubble butt.

“thick and curvy but HWP”. That’s like saying you are “smart but stupid”. It’s one or the other.

But I’ve played the waiting game and the dating game …. no good ones have come along. Maybe I’m too picking??

I assume you meant “picky”. No, you’re not too picky. Probably not too bright either. Maybe that is your problem.

Open to all races/heights/age
No men over 325 lbs
Have own private space (no little brothers sharing the room)

How many 325+ lb people are you going on dates with if you need to state that as a criteria?

I read a lot. Don’t watch to much tv. I am also currently going to school to get my bachelors in psychology then I will be getting my masters after that.

If you don’t watch “to much tv”, perhaps you read to littel.

Title: disabledbbwseizure patient seeks a true man

disabled seizure patient that is also a cancer patient and psych patient and diabetic.looking for a true gentleman. one that isn’t after sex on the first that at least tries to go to church.i am in a wheelchair at times and use a walker other times.i am looking for a long term relationship

Is meeting guys who are only after sex a problem really an issue for this woman? This woman sounds like nothing but problems.

I’m HPV positive. If you’re not already vaccinated, this is transmitted via skin cells. Do your research before contacting me.

You’ve got an STD. Don’t lecture me.

Your martial status is not of concern just be real and of good character.

A married man cheating on his wife does not have good character. But you do you.

I’m attracted to tall guys, thin (big and big don’t really go well together, so I like all the thin guys that can appreciate a bigger woman)

Where does this idea that thinner people should date fat people because big/fat “don’t go well together” come from? I have never heard a fit person ever say they are not attracted to other fit people. Being fit takes a lot of work. Why should someone who puts in a lot of effort to be fit date someone who refuses to do the same? Try exercise instead of asking for a bailout.

I do request men only, non smokers, physically fit, and clean. I prefer taller dates, but it’s not a deal breaker. You must be accepting of my slightly older and attention-deprived BBW body, as you can see. If you aren’t attracted to a plus-sized gal, no worries…that’s what the other ads are for, right? Let’s see what Austin has to offer!

Again, if you are fat and do not want to date a fat person, do not get upset if other people do not want to date a fat person, or lecture other people that they have to accept your body.

Yep that’s right…I’m a sassy fattie that tells it like it is!

“Sassy”. Another word that only fat women use to describe themselves. Most people who brag that they “tell it like it is” generally do not want to hear it like it is from other people.

Headline: Young, thick and ready to go
Beautiful, curvy, Ebony young lady here hoping for the impossible. I’d love to find a great, tall, successful man who knows how to treat a lady for a long term relationship.

If you know it’s impossible, then why are you looking for it? “Thick” is another code for fat.

I’m looking for an older man to hang with. Not only sex but yes I do want sex. I dont smoke or drink. I work and im well educated. I just want to have fun i’m pregnant and have hormones……….

Is this a troll? Or someone who is really messed up? Yet another person bragging about having and/or getting an education, yet they post an ad with a lot of spelling and/or grammar errors. In all seriousness, one of my big fears is misspelling “intelligent”. To top it all off, she is pregnant, and looking for another man. If you gave another man the meal, do not even think about giving me the bill.

Jesus is a big part of my life (the god, not the Mexican)

On one hand, I thought that was pretty funny. On the other: There seemed to be a LOT of ads from Christians. There are also a lot of Meetups about Christianity. Note to Christians: If someone does not go to church, it’s not an accident.

I am a big girl, I am 20 years old, I attend college, and I have a part time job. Lately ive been feeling a little lonely and i would like to share my time with someone who wants the same. Im like a dog lol. Easy to please with attention, and of course loyal. I just want someone to grow with, and to be there for me in the good and bad times. Someone that can be my best friend. Please don’t respond if your over 30.

Another person attending college, with an error-filled post. Also: If you are a “big girl”, you have probably done growing.

BBW looking for Friendship to turn into more

At least she’s not a fat woman looking for a tall guy, but she had this:

If you are replying please tell me a little bit about yourself, include a picture, and tell me
1. The last craziest thing you’ve done
2. A joke
3. The most embarrassing thing to happen to you.

What are you, an online bank?

I am looking for someone who is open to something more than just a casual encounter.

Her ad had a naked pic (presumably herself).

Title: Tired of my vibrator.
I need some stimulation. I’m very into articulate guys. Also very kinky minded. I like white and Latino guys under 45 and under 450lbs. Art and music interests a plus. Kik me: nowalice

She says she weighs 160, so maybe her upper limit of 450 is a typo. If she has dated guys over 450 lbs, I think a solution would be to just stick to guys under 200 or so. Or stop picking up guys at WalMart.

32f seeks m for fwb/dating.
Unique situation; I need someone to talk to me, cuddle me, and make me feel human.
I am currently bouncing around between air bnb’s while I hide from my murderous ex-husbands. Plural, it’s a unique clusterfuck. Stalking orders get filed this week against both.
Hit me up to chat. I am easy going, a gamer, an avid reader, and no drama on my end.
Please send a photo to get a response.

No drama, but hiding from people trying to kill her. And asks for a picture. I really hope I have more self-awareness than these women.

I am incredibly picky. I like confident, independent guys which are educated, sensible and can keep me grounded. I am very high maintenance. Send me pic and phone number, I can tex you back.

Demands education, has a spelling mistake on a word that is not that hard to spell. Also, it’s “guys WHO are educated”.

Friendly, outgoing, playful, open minded and (some say) attractive. Nonsmoker. Nondrinker. ***I have controlled HSV (herpes). You have to be okay with that.***

I’ll decide what I am okay with, not you. And maybe you are a bit too friendly.

And then:

Prefer middle aged North Shore and southern coastal New Hampshire gentlemen.

So why are you in the Austin section?

professional , well groomed , easy going guy looking for a girl friend to start with.

Want someone to hold a conversation many of craigslist loose patience.

Don’t complain about other people’s conversational skills when you type run-on sentences like a lolcat.

Seeking God fearing/loving, Christian man who attends Shoreline Church, and is living the sober life.

Here is an idea: Why don’t you go to Shoreline and ask there, instead of on Craigslist at 9:30 on a Monday night.

Title: Quadriplegic wants more

Maybe it’s wrong, but I found that amusing. You want more as in….the ability to walk? Almost as amusing as “BBW wants more”.

Me: Single, tall, soft and curvy, terribly evil, nerdy, educated, cheeky, impish sense of humor, mildly perverse, social drinker, non-smoker, bon vivant. Decent aim.
You: Same, except maybe the soft and curvy part. I’d rather you hard. Menacing tattoos and facial scars particularly encouraged.

As Neil deGrasse Tyson would say, “Look out! We’ve got a badass here!” Another fat person wanting a fit person. If you’re asking for tattoos, you might as well ask for an arrest record as well.

Why is it so hard to find a great guy? Where are they hiding? All I’m asking for is a guy that knows how to talk to a woman properly. One that can take her on a date and show her that chivalry is not dead. One that is truly interested in getting to know just her! I mean, is that to much to ask? Anyway, if my ad has peeked your interest at all, and you’d like to make a new friend, please feel free to send me a message. Do NOT waste my time! If you have no pic, I will not respond, that simple

So you want a guy who knows how to talk to a woman, but you have a poor vocabulary. And you make a lot of demands, but can’t find a great guy.

When women say they want a guy who can talk to a woman, they don’t mean they want a guy who can hold a conversation. They want a guy who can hold a conversation, and looks like Brad Pitt. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. Just be honest about it.

Being taller than me is a must! I love my heels. This really is a DEAL BREAKER! If you’re less than 5’11 don’t even reach out… Not trying to be mean, just being fair, and saving time for everybody!

You’re not mean, just really stupid.

I need your honest opinion. Why do men perfer skinny women? Am I considered fat???? What’s wrong with a thicker woman? We cook better, and give it you wetter

Well tell me, what do you think of my body type.

When women stop filtering men based on height, then we’ll talk. People are free to do as they want. Besides, a woman can lose weight, but a man cannot gain height. Yet for some reason, women wanting tall men is a “preference”, yet men not wanting fat women is a bias.

I have realized that when women say something is a “preference”, it’s really a requirement.

I answered a few ads (none of the ones here). I think I placed a couple as well. The email conversations seemed pretty good. Then they would ask my for a face pic. Things always ended after that. I don’t pursue women at all anymore, so I guess I do have more self-awareness. Than just about any other person on this planet.


The guys grow up and mature, they learn to need women less, and they settle into a life of resigned solitude, which means that they cheer up because they’re no longer striving for something they can’t have.

Big Jim isn’t where he wants to be, but he doesn’t live in a fantasy world.

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