This page is a list of agnostic/atheist/skeptical blogs written by people in the state of Illinois.

The Bollingbrook Babbler – A humor blog by my guest on Episode 3.

Elyse – One of the Skepchicks. She lives out past the Fox River, but occasionally comes into the city. She is dELYSEious.

Friendly Atheist – One of the brightest stars of the atheosphere firmament is right here in Illinois. Napervoid to be precise.

Le Café Witteveen – A guy in Chicago who I think became an atheist recently (added to my list 2010-02-22)

Rob Sherman – An activist in the Chicago area. He also deals with Illinois politics. He also had a blog called Godless In Chicago that he maintained until November 2009. It is still online as of 2010-02-22.

Sisyphus Fragment – A blog by a software developer in Belleville who recently left the Air Force. A blog on my to-read list. He was not posting much at all, but over the past few months he has started posting more frequently (I am writing this in late June, 2009). He reached a milestone of blogger-hood when one of his posts inspired a post at another blog (Unreasonable Faith).

Skeptic Money – A blog about finance and atheism by Phil Ferguson. He was the guest on Episode 2. He based in Champaign County, Illinois.

The Skeptical Teacher – A blog about science/skepticism by a physics teacher and professor out in the suburbs

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