Dividend Investing

One of the topics of this blog is dividend investing.

My motto is: If a stock does not pay, then I do not play.

Here are some dividend investing blogs that I look at. I try to go through the whole list at least once a year to remove defunct sites.

  • Buy, Hold Long – a blogger in Australia. He took a break in 2021, but started posting again in 2022.
  • The Conservative Income Investor
  • DGI for the DYI – As of 2021-12-31, this site was last updated on 2021-07-31. However, it looks like he has posted articles on Seeking Alpha, with the latest on 2021-03-01.
  • DivGro – Another huge blog roll. This is by the same people who make the Dividend Radar speadsheet. They also have weekly updates with dividend dates and increases.
  • Dividends 4 Life – Dividend News Articles
  • Dividend Cake – A blogger in Belgium. As of 2021-12-05, it looks like this person is no longer blogging for the time being, but is now posting on Telegram (see blog post here). They say there will be blog updates at some point in the future.
  • Dividend Channel – More of a news site than a blog.
  • Dividend Detective – good information, terrible layout. It looks like everything on this site is for a paid/premium service; I do not see anything like a blog, so I have no idea if this site or business is still active.
  • Dividend Diplomats – I like the fact that they do not seem to be selling a service; they do recommend other products websites.
  • Dividend Growth Forum – Exactly what it says. I will add an item to my to-do list to look more into this site.
  • Dividend Growth Stocks – a good site; has a premium subscription service.
  • Dividend Growth Investor – one of the better sites; has a premium subscription service.
  • The Dividend Guy – Another Canadian site. This guy has a podcast; as of 2021-12-31, it looks like it is updated regularly.
  • Dividend Hawk – A blogger in Finland.
  • DivHut – A site with a large blogroll.
  • Dividend Manager
  • Dividend Mantra – this was really popular when the original author ran it. Then he sold it, and it went downhill. As of 2022-09-25, they do seem to be updating their blog with posts about dividend investing, and less about day trading.
  • Dividend Monk – As of 2022-09-25, it looks like there are more recent updates than the last time I checked on 2021-12-31. They do have a newsletter, but it looks like they do not charge for it.
  • Dividend Pig – This person left a comment on my blog a while back. Their dividend income is pretty impressive.
  • Dividend Sensei – Nice blog. His posts are hosted on other sites.
  • Dividend Swan – When I checked this site on 2021-12-31, the most recent post was 2021-02-13. Now, on 2022-09-25, the most recent post is 2022-09-22.
  • Dividend Value Builder –  It looks like the pages on this site are updated frequently, but you have to look at each page to know. They also have a premium subscription service.
  • Dividends Paradise: This site used to be called Dividend Yield – Stock, Capital, Investment. This has a lot on the front page. To see their latest blog posts, I think you need to go to their Atom feed.
  • Engineering Dividends – A blog with a VERY large header graphic. If there is a blog out there called “Designing Dividends”, they should give this guy a call.
  • Income Investors – Has some newsletters for free, and a blog.
  • Mr. Tako Escapes – More geared towards financial independence than dividends, but dividends seems to be a major topic.
  • My Dividend Pipeline – Another site with a very large header graphic. He has a spreadsheet where he posts his dividend income. It looks like most of his posts track his overall net worth.
  • Passive Income Pursuit – This site is running Blogger.
  • Seeking Alpha – Lots of authors here. Here is their Dividend Investing Strategy page.
  • Simply Safe Dividends – A site with a nice blog. Their blog timeline has infinite scroll, which I absolutely hate. They offer a subscription service.
  • Sure Dividend – one of the better sites; they also offer premium subscriptions.


Defunct sites:

  • Agent Dividend – defunct as of 2018-12-09_09.17.29. As of 2021-12-31, this link redirects to a page talking about UK dividend stocks, but the site does not seem to be specifically about dividend investing.
  • Buy Hold Long – Dividend Investor in Australia. As of 2021-12-31, the last post was on 2020-05-05.
  • Captain Dividend – defunct as of 2018-11-03_13.56.03
  • Dividend Daze – As of 2021-12-31, this site is not responding. Granted, the output of the “ping” command states this site is hosted on Amazon Web Services, so I will just try again later.
  • Dividend Driven – has a huge blogroll, which includes yours truly. It is so extensive, I may stop updating this page (2016-11-25_08.31.54). As of 2021-12-31, it is responding to pings, but not to web requests; the screen is blank and there is no error code.
  • Dividend Engineering – defunct as of 2018-12-09_09.21.46
  • Dividend Family Guy – As of 2021-12-31, this link goes nowhere. At one point, it led to a landing site for porn, which is ironic for a site with “Family Guy” in the name.
  • Dividend Growth Investing – As of 2021-12-31, it looks like this site has not been updated since 2017. This is another site selling a subscription service.
  • Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement – Not as long a URL as Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet, but close. This blogger is based in Canada. As of 2021-12-31, the most recent post was on 2021-06-02.
  • Dividend Life – You have to choose the dividend life. It won’t choose you. And as of 2021-12-31, this life has ended.
  • The Dividend Mogul – This site is hosted on Blogger. As of 2021-12-31, the most recent post is 2018-04-08.
  • Dividend Stacker – As of 2021-12-31, this site is a Dividend Slacker. As of 2022-09-25, this goes to a Chinese landing page.
  • Dividend Tactics – Now going to a Chinese landing page as of 2018-12-09_09.31.56.
  • Roadmap2Retire – About passive income, but lots of dividends, big blogroll. As of 2021-12-31, it responds to pings, but not web requests.
  • World Of Dividends – A blog from Sweden. As of 2021-12-31, the last post was on 2019-07-24.


Other dividend websites:


I have a few posts looking at some dividend indices:


Following the style of David Fish (creator of the Dividend Champions spreadsheet), I refer to the first month of a quarter (January, April, July and October) as the “A” months, the second month of a quarter (February, May, August and November) as the “B” months, and the third month of a quarter (March, June, September and December) as the “C” months.

The Dividend Champion list divides companies into three categories depending on how long they have been raising their dividends: Champions (25 or more years), Contenders (10 to 24 years), and Challengers (5 to 9 years). Even if you using just ETFs (as I am), it is still a good idea to look at this list once in a while because it will tell you how many companies are raising dividends, and in my opinion give you a tool to gauge the health of the economy. Here is a table for the breakdown of CCC companies for January of each year (since that just seems to make more sense):


Year Total Champions Contenders Challengers
2023 723 130 348 245
2022 708 127 302 280
2021 729 139 308 282
2020 866 138 265 463
2019 864 131 205 528
2018 822 115 220 487
2017 768 108 227 433
2016 753 107 250 396
2015 611 106 246 259
2014 476 105 210 161
2013 458 105 183 170
2012 448 102 146 200
2011 447 99 141 207
2010 98 62 N/A
2009 125
2008 138


Sometime in 2021, the person who was updating the Dividend Champions spreadsheet after the death of David Fish stopped doing so. The site had a link to the Dividend Radar at Portfolio Insight. I don’t know if the drop from 2021 to 2022 is an indicator of the strength of companies, due to a change in methodology, or both. Perhaps I should also start tracking how many companies are in some of the indexes.

“Angel In Chains” by Odilon Redon (April 20, 1840 – July 6, 1916), at what is presumably the official Odilon Redon website; assumed allowed under Fair Use.


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