Fit women on Instagram (or through another site that lets you view Instagram posts).

  • Miss Bo – our favorite Croatian.
  • Chloe Bruce – Martial artist in Unwanted Kingdom, very flexible, no tattoos.
  • Emily Fenton – No tattoos.
  • Salma Hayek – Can still pass the wall test. No other explanation needed.
  • Victoria Lim – It is good to know there are women out there who want to be fit, and are not hell-bent on getting their “thicc booty” cartoonishly large. Another plus: no tattoos.
  • Kino MacGregor – She also has a website and a YouTube channel. Also no tattoos.
  • Olivia May – Australian, no tattoos.
  • Morgan Rose Moroney – In Australia. Or from Australia. Small tattoos.
  • Ornella Nicolosi – A Crossfit woman in France, beau postérieur, tattoos (grandfathered in).
  • Phoenix Nation – With Winter. She is from Straya. And has no tattoos. Youtube channel here. If God existed, all women would speak with Australian accents.
  • Danielle Robertson – She is also listed on the Reddit page. Also no tattoos. Seriously, does Australia have a machine that just churns out stunningly beautiful women?




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