Reddit Pages

Here is a list of Reddit pages that I look at on a regular basis.

Except the dirty ones. I’m just listing those for a friend of mine.

Some pages about the ladies:


Some particular women:






I have been told these pages will ask you if you are at least 18:




Some pages about enlightenment/self-improvement:



  • Austin – People just don’t complain that Austin has changed. We also talk about grackles, that every grackle is either coming from or headed to an HEB parking lot, and you cannot escape them; many times I’ve thought I was safe from their laser beam cries only to find them at a different location spreading their gospel of space battles. Even their typewriter yearnings are inescapable. [links here and here]
  • City Porn – Cityscapes and skylines. Part of the SFW Porn Network.
  • Dividends – I do not think there is one for dividend growth investing.
  • Emacs – Best text editor and application platform ever.
  • Energy
  • Fatlogic
  • Keepass – Also covers KeePassXC, which is the best password manager ever.
  • Org mode – An Emacs mode that I use all the time.
  • System76 – Computers with Linux pre-installed.


Yes, I know there is a typo. Ermahgerd! Serthern flergs!

Here endeth the lesson.

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