Back Online

I was away for a while looking for a job in another part of the state. I decided not to take it, but it took a lot of my time going out there and checking out the town. I was not able to post much, but now I am back into my routine. Later I will post about my plans for the site, as well as the usual posting of scheduled events.

Updated the About Page

I updated the About page. The post is reproduced below:

Welcome to Illinois Freethought, a website dedicated to promoting freethought and rationalism in the state of Illinois.

If you refer to yourself (either seriously or facetiously) as an Agnostic, Atheist, Bright, Freethinker, Humanist, Infidel, Non-Theist, Rationalist, Secular or Skeptic, and you live in the state of Illinois or the St. Louis metro area, then this site is for you. The goal of Illinois Freethought is to gather information about agnostic/atheist/skeptical groups in the state of Illinois in one place.

I have been going to meetings of a couple of groups in Chicago, The City That Matters, and a few people have expressed some frustration that groups like this can be hard to find. So hopefully this site will ameliorate that issue. A few times people have come in from the suburbs for a two-hour eat and greet at a restaurant because they could not find other groups in their area.

A lot of the groups here in Illinois are on or Facebook. This site will provide links to these groups as well as links to their events and entries on the calendar page as well. I do not have a Facebook account, nor do I want one, so the process may not be too smooth.

I will divide up the state as follows:

  • Chicago, The City That Matters
  • Chicago Metro: The suburbs surrounding Chicago
  • Northern Illinois: Anything west of Illinois 47 and north of Interstate 80 (although parts of Will County will be included in Chicago Metro)
  • Central Illinois: Anything between Interstate 80 and US Route 50
  • Southern Illinois: Anything south of US Route 50; this will also include the St. Louis Metro Area

This site will be accessible via the domains, and